International workshop 2008 – Power Point Presentations


Sunday, 7 September

Opening Ceremony part 1
Opening Ceremony part 2


Monday, 8 September

Introduction to Clinical Audit and the EC project

Clinical audit in terms of directive 97/43/EURATOM
Georgi Simeonov, European Commission

Outcome of the International Symposium on Clinical audit in Tampere 2003
Seppo Soimakallio

Development of Clinical audits by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Joanna Izewska

Objectives and structure of the EC Clinical audit project
Hannu Järvinen

Status of Clinical Audit implementation in Europe

Summary of the results of the European questionnaire with conclusions
Hannu Järvinen

Panel Discussion
Hana Stankusova, Julian Malicki, Mary Coffey, Marta Bogusz-Czerniewicz

Presentation of the draft guidelines

Purpose, scope and definitions
Hannu Järvinen

Objectives and coverage of clinical audits
Johannes Nischelsky

Interrelation of clinical audits with other audit and verification activities
Marta Bogusz-Czerniewicz

Organization, financing and coordination
Hana Stankusova

Practical procedures
Pierre Scalliet

Standards of good practices
Andrew Hilson

Summary and checklist for practical implementation
Julian Malicki


Tuesday, 9 September

Critical review of the draft guidelines

Critical review by invited representatives of:

Headline questions (Invited papers)

How to motivate for clinical audit
Adrian Dixon

Training of auditors, including European co-operation
Matti Liukko

Financing of audits
Johannes Nischelsky

National experiences and expectations – Session 1

General papers and clinical audit for diagnostic radiology (X-ray diagnostics and nuclear medicine)

Setting Standards for Clinical Audit: Making the best use of clinical radiological services
D. Remedios, UK

Summary of clinical audits in Finland after the first complete audit round
S. Soimakallio, H. Järvinen, A. Ahonen, K. Ceder, M. Hirvonen-Kari, T. Lyyra-Laitinen, T. Sinervo, T. Sipilä and T. Wigren, Finland

National Systems for Clinical Audit in the UK: The Role of the Clinical Radiology Audit Sub-Committee of the Royal College of Radiologists
S. Barter and K. Drinkwater, UK

Treatment of data in national clinical audits undertaken by the Clinical Radiology Audit Sub-Committee of the Royal College of Radiologists
K. Drinkwater, UK

AuditLive – A national radiology audit template library
C.J.Ryall, S. Barter, K.A. Duncan, P. Lumb, UK

Experiences with clinical audit in Slovak mammography departments
D. Nikodemová, M. Horváthová, M. Príkazská, Slovak Republic

Quality management in nuclear medicine
K. Solanki and M. Dondi, IAEA

Summary of posters
H. Järvinen, Finland

Steering actions by a National Advisory Committee for Clinical Audits in Finland
S. Soimakallio, H. Järvinen, A. Ahonen, K. Ceder, T. Lyyra-Laitinen, M. Paunio, T. Sinervo and T. Wigren, Finland

Clinical Audit programme for diagnostic radiology: Intent, design and early experiences
B. Abdullah, P. Butler, K. Faulkner, H. Järvinen, D. McLean, M. Pentecost, M. Richard, IAEA

Clinical Audit In Diagnostic Radiology In Bulgaria – National Regulation And Practical Implementation
J. Vassileva, V. Hadjidekovi, Bulgaria

Clinical audit introduction in Czech Republic
J. Nozickova, Czech Republic

National Experiences and Expectations on Clinical Audit – the Irish perspective
B. Moran, Ireland

Is Clinical Audit Useful in Continuous Improvement of Quality in Radiological Department?
S. Soimakallio, P. Dastirar, R. Järvenpää, L. Mäkelä and T. Paakkala, Finland

Relation of clinical audit based radiology and reimbursement systems
András Vargha and Csaba Dózsa, Hungary

A Standards-based Method for Collecting and Processing Radiology Dose Data
K. O’Donnell, Toshiba Medical Systems, H. Blendinger & B. Hassold, Siemens Medical Solutions

Wednesday, 10 September

National experiences and expectations Session 2

Clinical audit for radiotherapy

Experience with clinical audit in radiotherapy in the Czech Republic
J.Petera, H. Stankusova, P. Slampa, P. Zavoda, Czech Republic

Status of Clinical Audit implementation in Poland in the field of radiotherapy
W. Bulski, J. Rostkowska, M. Kania, B. Gwiazdowska, Poland

Audit in Greatpoland Cancer Center as an example of the national system for clinical audit
M.Fundowicz, Poland

Clinical audit on quality indicators in radiotherapy selected for pathologies
M. Amichett, C. Capirc., E. Emiliani, G. Gardani, P. Olmi, A. Rosi, G. Silvano, R. Valdagni, V. Viti, Italy

Norwegian Experience With Workshop As A Clinical Audit Tool For Radiotherapy Of Specific Cancer Diagnoses
B.L. Rekstad, S. Levernes, I.E. Heikkilä, D.G. Johannessen, E. Sundqvist, H. Bjerke, T.P. Hellebust, H. Olerud, G. Frykholm, Norway

Summary of posters
M. Coffey, Ireland

Practical aspects of the implementation of QUATRO audits in Europe
J. Izewska, E. Salminen, S. Steyskal, IAEA

The role of the Clinical Oncology Audit Sub-Committee (COASC) of the Royal College of Radiologists for clinical audits in radiotherapy in the UK
D. Tait, UK

Clinical quality standards for radiotherapy – a useful tool for clinical audits
P. Martenka, M. Bogusz-Czerniewicz and J. Malicki, Poland

Experiences Of A Clinical Audit In A Finnish Radiotherapy Clinic
S. Hyödynmaa and T. Wigren, Finland

Approach for a National Quality Audit System for Radiotherapy in Latvia
S. Plaude, S. Popov, Y. Dekhtyar, Latvia

Self-Evaluation Indicators for Head and Neck Tumors
P. Olmi, Italy

The Norwegian Program On Quality Assurance In Radiotherapy (Kvist) – Organisation, Benefits And Experiences During Seven Years
S. Levernes, T.P. Hellebust, I.E. Heikkilä, D.C. Johannessen, G. Frykholm, H. Bjerke, B.L.Rekstad, E. Sundqvist, H. Olerud, Norway

Seven years experience with external and internal clinical audits at a Radiation Oncology Department at an Oncology Hospital in Spain
S. Marín, M. Macià, M. Ventura, Marta Ballart, David Leon and F. Guedea, Spain


Status of implementation of clinical audit in Europe
Mary Coffey

Major feedback on the draft EC Guidelines
Hannu Järvinen

Checklist of practical implementation
Vincenza Viti